NGC Security Features

Designed for long-term preservation and protection, NGC coin holders are the hobby's most advanced. Explore the numerous security features integrated into NGC's holders, labels and processes to understand how they help protect against counterfeiting and tampering.

The Hobby's Most Advanced Holder

NGC's holders use the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to deliver superior optics, preservation and security. The Smithsonian Insitution and other museums around the world rely on the NGC holder to protect their most treasured rarities.

Holder Security

The high tech hologram fused directly to the back of NGC holders has 12 different security features, including a mix of covert and overt elements. Extremely durable, it provides an excellent deterrent and defense against counterfeits. A finely tuned machine then seals each holder using ultrasonic welding — a safe, clean and secure process — that helps to protect the coins and reveal attempts at tampering.

Label Security

The NGC label is fully inert and features a number of security measures including a UV watermark, holographic foil and microprinting. These features are present on both standard and special NGC labels.

24/7 Authenticity Verification

Encapsulated coin images and certification data are available 24/7 in the Verify NGC certification tool on the NGC website and in the NGC mobile app. This important tool helps to protect consumers against counterfeit or tampered holders.

Complete Coverage

These protective features are present in the full range of NGC holders, from its EdgeView® and NGC Oversize Holder® to its Certified Roll™ and color holders. An expansive R&D program results in continued enhancements that are made periodically to NGC's holders and technology.

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