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Auction house finds $500K coin — a world record — on family charm bracelet

It looked, on first examination, like an antique charm bracelet loaded with gold trinkets: a tiny Eiffel Tower and a little bowling pin and iconic images of provincial Italy. The owner thought the family heirloom might fetch $8,000 on the open market.

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NGC-certified 1937 British Pattern Penny Realizes £133,200

The extremely rare 1937 Edward VIII Pattern Bronze Penny is believed to be one of only two examples in private hands. It is graded NGC PF 63+ RB.

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Neil Armstrong’s Gold Robbins Medal, certified by NGC and CAG, Sells for More Than $2 Million

Graded NGC MS 67 and certified by CAG, the gold medal is one of only three made and was carried by Armstrong on his history-making mission to the moon.

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Rare Coin Certified by NGC Realizes Nearly $4 Million

The 1885 Proof Trade Dollar, pedigreed by NGC to the Eliasberg Collection, was purchased at an auction in January 2019.

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NGC-graded Cent Sells for $ at Florida Auction

The first-known example of the famous 1943 copper cent mint error, it was received in change in 1947 by teenager Don Lutes Jr.

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NGC Confirms Discovery of Fourth Known 1854-S $5

Originally thought to be a counterfeit, the coin was brought to NGC, whose experts determined that it is actually genuine and worth millions.

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Coins Found in Pulaski Wreck off North Carolina

NCS and NGC have been selected to conserve, grade and encapsulate the coins recovered from the SS Pulaski shipwreck, one of the most significant early American shipwrecks.

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NGC-certified 1792 Birch Cent Sells for $ Million

The proposed design for the first US cents was graded MS 65 RB by NGC and was purchased by a California coin dealer at an auction in Orlando.

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NGC-graded Rare Gold Coin Valued at More Than $ Million Displayed

The finest 1787 Brasher Doubloon, graded NGC MS 63, is considered to be one of the most important coins in American numismatics.

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NGC-certified Newman Coins Top $44 Million

A 1776 Continental Dollar graded NGC MS 63 achieved one of the highest prices from Eric P. Newman's unparalleled collection.

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NGC-certified 1880 “Stella” Sells for $ Million

The extremely rare $4 gold piece is among the "white whales" of the coin collecting world. This coin was graded PF 67 Cameo by NGC.

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Rare Nickel, Certified by NGC, Fetches $ Million at Auction

The nickel, graded NGC PF 64, was featured in a 1973 episode of "Hawaii Five-O." Only five are known to exist.

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Collector Pays $5M for Rare Gold Coin Graded by NGC

The extremely rare 1804 Eagle ($10) was actually struck in 1834 for President Andrew Jackson to give to foreign dignitaries.

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NGC Grades Unique Two-Tailed Quarter

NGC's David J. Camire says of the 1965 mint error: "It's an amazing coin to view. You keep wanting to flip it over and over.

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